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Lost & Found


With hundreds of games and practices being held every week for 11 sports, it is almost guaranteed that someone will end up losing something along the way.


In order to try and help our members find their lost stuff we have set up this page with some helpful information on where to look and also with a place to post items you may have lost or found and want to return to the rightful owner.


One helpful tip we suggest is to FIRST contact your child's team. A lot of times another parent or child or even the coach has seen the item and picked it up and taken it with them. If you have not checked with your team/coach, please do that first!



Most items lost at a school facility are taken by the custodians to the school lost and found. Please check the school lost and found during school hours when you have lost something at one of these facilities.



A lot of people tend to take lost and found items to the concession stand to turn it in. Please check the concession stand of the complex you were playing at FIRST. You will have to wait until the next time they are open when is typically the next time games are being played at the complex.


You can also check with the City of Allen Parks and Recreation Department by calling (214) 509-4800 to see if any of their field crews have come across the item(s) and brought it back to their offices.



If you have checked the places we suggested above and you have come up empty-handed please contact the ASA office either by phone (972) 727-9565 or email at


Please include the following information:


  • Date the item was lost
  • Specific location (field/gym/school)
  • Brief description of the item
  • Your name & contact information (to be posted on website)


If you come across an item at the fields and need to find the owner, please bring it to the ASA office so we can post the information on the website.


Please include the following when dropping off the item:


  • Date the item was found
  • Specific location where it was found (i.e. Allen Station Park Field #3)
  • Brief description of the item